Frank is always willing to answer questions about home improvement, interior design or anything else related to the home. While he’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, please don’t send follow up emails as it could take several weeks for him to respond. He gets a lot of emails!

You can also email him about the following topics:

  • Advertising. There are limited advertising opportunities on the website. If you are a company who targets customers with an interest in DIY or home improvement, our site could be the perfect location for your ads. Use the contact form below to get in touch or to ask for a media kit.
  • Speaking Engagements. While this website isn’t Frank’s full-time job, he does offer speaking engagements at the weekend. If you have an event you would like him to speak at, please get in touch as early as possible so there’s a better chance he’ll be available.
  • Advice. Frank can’t provide project reviews for readers – he simply doesn’t have the time to do this for free. If you have a specific question he’ll do his best to answer though. Please try to keep questions short and succinct.
  • Feedback. Frank LOVES getting feedback – whether it’s good or bad! If there’s something you like or hate about the website, or if you just have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Every email is read and considered.

Please Note: Average response time via email is around 2 weeks for non-business related queries. If you don’t hear back after this, feel free to send a quick reminder – it might have just slipped Frank’s mind.