The ECAM Magnifica

How to Descale a Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine

If you want your coffee machine to keep producing great coffee it’s important to descale it regularly. Forgetting to descale can even cause your machine to break – which is a disaster considering the cost of some of the best bean-to-cup machines!

I own the Delonghi ECAM 22.110 (I bought it because of the review here) and I’ve just descaled it this morning. I thought some of my readers might like to know how to do it.

How to Descale the ECAM 22.110

  1. When the descale light starts to flash, that’s your cue!
  2. Turn on the machine and wait until it says it’s ready to use.
  3. Make sure there is no water in the tank and get rid of the filter if you’re using it (you can put this back in afterwards).
  4. Pour the descaling fluid into the tank up to the “A” mark. Then add a litre of water up to level “B.” Both these marks can be clearly seen on the sides of the tank.
  5. Make sure there is a container under the cappuccino maker otherwise you’ll have a messy kitchen!
  6. Press and hold the descale button for around five seconds. The light on this button should remain on.
  7. Next, turn the steam dial to the “1” position.
  8. The machine will then go through its full repertoire of cleaning and rinsing programmes to get rid of any scale. At times, it might seem like the machine isn’t doing anything – but that’s completely normal.
  9. The entire process takes around 30 minutes. Once done, make sure the steam dial is switched to “0.”
  10. Empty the container and remove the water tank. Rinse the tank and then fill it with fresh water before putting it back into the machine.
  11. Now put the steam dial to “1” again (make sure you replace the container beneath the cappuccino spout first!). The machine should now rinse with hot water. Once done, put the steam dial back to “0” and the rinse light should turn off.
  12. You’re done!

This sounds like a complicated process, but once you’ve done it a few times it becomes easy.

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s a quick guide from Delonghi themselves:

If this post has helped you, or if you have any questions, just use the comments form!

Do Yourself a Favour: Get a Decent Shower

There really is nothing worse than a shower that is more of a trickle than a proper stream. That’s why I always recommend EVERY house gets a proper shower that can give you an invigorating wake-up each morning.

The best showers are able to provide not just a steady flow and temperature, but also have different settings depending on whether you want a mist or a massage. Here are my tips for choosing a good shower.

How to Choose a Shower

Let’s start with the basics – the type of shower. An electric shower should heat water itself. This means you don’t need to heat extra water – you only heat the water you use. This also means when you come home from a long trip you can have a shower straight away!

The downside is that electric showers usually don’t provide the same strength of flow as power or mixer shower. So if you’re looking for a model that can give you a massage as well as a clean, a power shower is probably the right option.

Example of a shower

These aren’t the only options when it comes to types of shower though. Others include:

  • Eco Showers. As the name suggests, these limit water usage regardless of the pressure in your household. This prevents water wastage by up to 50%, although power will be more limited.
  • Digital showers. These are becoming more popular in modern bathroom, as they are easy to install and the control panel doesn’t need to be next to the shower. In effect, the shower can come from the wall or ceiling, so you don’t need to see any plumbing.
  • Thermostatic. A thermostatic shower can maintain a constant temperature even if a tap is turned on elsewhere. This isn’t just a comfort thing – it’s vital if you have children or old people living in your home, who may not be able to quickly get out of the way of a blast of hot water.

You also need to think about the brand of shower you want to buy. As with any appliance or home product, make sure you read reviews. Brands such as Aqualisa, which produce the Aquastream range, are great for power showers, while other companies such as Triton specialise in electric showers.

Please note: I’ve heard several reports of Aqualisa power shower problems, however the plumber in the link provided seems to have fixed this. Check out the link for a guide to getting maximum power.

The right type of shower depends on your home’s water system as well as your personal preferences. High pressure water systems are usually signified by a hot water tank without a cold water tank. If you have a cold water tank, you probably have a low pressure system. Make sure you get a professional to check which system you have before you buy a shower though.

Welcome to the Enchanting Home


My name is Frank B, and my aim is to help YOU get the perfect home you’ve always been dreaming about.

I don’t believe that your income or the size of your house should affect whether you have a home you can be proud of. With a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work, anyone can have a home that matches their personality.

And that’s my guiding philosophy: find a home decor YOU love, and stick to it regardless of what anyone else thinks.

With that said, here’s a few designs I’ve seen recently and really enjoyed. I’d love to see your favourites in the comments.

An antique style home

This design really stood out to me, as it combines retro chairs with an antique feel. This type of kitchen would take a LOT of work to get right, but I think the final result is worth the effort.


Some serious creativity has gone into this tree design, and it’s really paid off. The mix of the tree trunk and shelves gives this a “tree house” feel that would work in almost any home. If you want to bring the outdoors inside, this might be something to consider.